06 Western Growth Area Survey

Western Growth Area

This area is the new frontier for the City of Madison.  It encompasses most of the City’s land in Limestone County, the boundaries of which are still very much in a state of change.  For the purposes of this study, it is all land west of Burgreen Road, from Highway 72 south to the rail line; parcels that are either currently within the City limits, or in unincorporated parts of the County.  Construction of a new high school is under way, and new neighborhoods are scattered throughout.  Development is happening here, but it will be important to shape that development to best serve the current and future residents.

This brief survey will consist of multiple choice questions, designed to get your input on how you think the area might change over the next ten to twenty years.  Your answers important in shaping the vision for the Western Growth Area, and by extension the entire City of Madison. 


And now, on to the survey!