05 I_565 Corridor Survey

South of I-565

This study area includes not only the large “triangular” portion of Madison that lies south of I-565, but also the stretch of Madison Boulevard that parallels the highway.  What is remarkable about this area is the combination of access to transportation and large, ready-to-develop parcels.  I-565 provides a connection throughout the metro area, and the airport provides one beyond.  At the same time, much of the acreage is undeveloped, providing a logical site for future growth.  This survey, and the Growth Plan process overall, will play a large part in developing the vision for the future of this corner of Madison.

This brief survey will consist of multiple choice questions, designed to get your input on how you think the area might change over the next ten to twenty years.  Your answers will help provide a framework for the Madison Growth Plan as it moves forward. 


And now, on to the survey!