04 Old Madison Pike Survey

Old Madison Pike

Old Madison Pike is unique among the Key Development Areas being studied.  Smaller in scale, and more internal in location, it represents a much more localized opportunity for redevelopment.  Though the most visible piece of the area is Miller Plaza, the boundaries run from Madison Pike to the north, Slaughter Road to the east, Shelton Road to the west, and along the rail line to the south.   Its particular location – tucked in amongst established neighborhoods, but also straddling a major commuting corridor – gives it a great deal of potential as a “neighborhood commercial” node.  What that node actually looks like will be influenced in no small part by the desires of the surrounding community.  

The survey that follows is an integral part of the Madison Growth Plan effort.  You will be asked to provide your opinion on how Old Madison Pike might change, and what that change might look like.


The survey will consist primarily of multiple choice and rating questions, designed to get your input on how you think the corridor should change (if at all) over the next ten to twenty years.  You will also be asked to rate a small sample images based on how well you feel they might fit into the future vision for the neighborhood.  Ratings run from “one star” (not at all appropriate) to “five stars” (very appropriate). 


And now, on to the survey!