01 Midtown Madison Survey

Midtown Madison

Midtown Madison is an area that encompasses both the physical and historical centers of the City.  It stretches from Hughes Road on the east to Sullivan on the west; from Madison Boulevard on the south and beyond Browns Ferry to the north.  It includes City Hall and the Stadium, and at its core is the Historic Downtown.

The survey that follows is an integral part of the Madison Growth Plan effort.  You will be asked to provide your opinion on what types of development are or are not appropriate for the future of Midtown Madison as a whole, and the Historic Downtown in particular.


You will be asked to rate several images based on how well you feel they would fit into this area, from “one star” (not at all appropriate) to “five stars” (very appropriate).  You will also be asked some short answer questions, to get your input on how you think Midtown should change (if at all) over the next ten to twenty years.


And now, on to the survey!